Thursday, October 27, 2011

Compare This Hypocrisy

The official United States policy doesn't pass the hypocrisy test. It is self evident if one is to look at the specific details surrounding international relations between various parts of the world and the resource extraction favorable to the U.S. corporate owners. The following is a small yet barely detailed glimpse at the two disparaging positions exhibits of this hypocrisy that occurred in separate places on the same day. Both are said to demonstrate the same morality, though the to positions fail in standing beside one another as equal.

Obama on Leno: October 25, 2011
of Gaddafi, "this is somebody who for forty years, had terrorized his country, uh, had supported terrorism, and he had an opportunity during the Arab spring to finally let loose of his grip on power and peacefully transition to democracy, and we gave him ample opportunity and he wouldn't do it and obviously you never want to see anybody come to the kind of end that he did. But I think it, uh, send a strong message around the world to dictators, people long to be free and ah they need to respect the human rights and the universal aspirations of people."
The U.S official position:
Support for the dictatorial government of Yemen
Support for the dictatorial government of Saudi Arabia
Support for the dictatorial government of Bahrain
Support for the dictatorial government of Egypt pre 2011 revolution.
(There is no clear understanding of current U.S. position as to Egypt, post revolution)

Meanwhile at the United Nations, October 25, 2011, The United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly voted to condemn the U.S. for its continued embargo of the island nation of Cuba. In defense of the U.S. position, Ronald Godard, U.S. Senior Adviser, Western and Eastern Affairs stated, "For yet another year, this assembly is taking up a resolution designed to confuse and obscure. But let there be no confusion about this. The United States, like most member states, reaffirms its strong commitment to supporting the right and the heartfelt desire of the Cuban people to freely determine their future. And let there be no obscuring that the Cuban regime has deprived them of this right for more than half a century."

Any analysis of the two individual position statements can only reveal the discord between them individually. The U.S. condemns Cuba for the very conditions it supports in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and potentially Egypt. The difference is, well, there is no actual difference between these dictatorial governments worthy of differentiation. Authoritarian dictatorial governments suppress human rights equally. Though the U.S. gains wealth, and geographic influence through the countries it supports, while condemning those it has nothing to exploit.

In meantime, on the streets of the United States, the people are now unable to gain for themselves what our President intended to highlight as an ability to a right to determine one's own future. The people attempt to assert their 1st amendment right and are met by tear gas, concussion grenades, rubber bullets, clubs and disallowed to freely take part in peaceful demonstrations on the streets. The warped officials serving out their sworn duty to enforce and protect the laws, and the public, continually show their selves as servants of inequality rather than equality, in spite of their actions being unconstitutional in themselves.

Scott Olson, victim of the police state brutality and the above stated unjust, unconstitutional behavior is now in a medically induce coma in an effort to save his life. The police stand <20 feet away and offer no help to the man they shot in the head with what was likely a tear-gas canister. As other people attempted to provide assistance, they were targeted by a concussion grenade thrown by police into the group attempting to give aid to the critically wounded man.

Yet our President can contend that the countries values as being supportive of the "need to respect the human rights and the universal aspirations of people."

I spent many hours today again reviewing the United States Constitution and its Bill of Rights, to bring the true words back into the forefront of my thought. I continually attempt to understand the legality of my own rights in the face of the current movement. It is good to re-enforce my own understanding with the clarity in that document. We must all stand together, as one within the 99% on the right side of the law, standing in peaceful contempt of our current corrupt system.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Cause of the Movement

Minute by minute the movement grows, as more people find themselves united with the cause. Most are united with the cause though they remain un-aware of the meaning in this cause. Eventually only 1 % of the people will realize their needs are separate from the needs of the 99 %. Although there are no "demand" set out by the movement, as in a list of conditions to be met before these people will go home, the bottom line need is that people in general, are not getting their basic human needs met, within the world's economic / monetary system as a whole. Stuff keeps happening that draws attention to the heart of the cause, raising awareness as the media carefully tries to manipulate the message that people see, little cracks are forming. The police violence is possibly the biggest uniting force for the cause, as they continue to take orders dished out by the power elite. Most people react to brutality. It hurts the consciousness of the human spirit, like a pin prick in the finger tip. Singularly it can be tolerated, though uncomfortable, collectively it causes outrage. Eventually the people will not stand for anything less than true human rights. The rights understood innately and spoken to in the Declaration of Independence as signed on July 4, 1776: 1

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, — That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security. ... "
These are the reasons that there are now demonstrations known as OccupyWallStreet and others names beginning with Occupy. It still holds true that we are endowed by our creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. More over these rights are inclusive of justice and equality for every human remaining able to suck air.

It has come to my attention that there are likely many people who have not seen or heard of the video shared on YouTube, of the former United States Marine in New York City ridiculing the NYPD for the injustice he knows to be true. An interview with the former US Marine Corps (USMC) Sargent, Shamar Thomas was posted today in this YouTube Video from an RT program. Shamar Thomas knows what it is to have these unalienable rights defended, as he served in the USMC in Iraq, as his Grandfather did in kind during WWII. I was also a member of the USMC in a time when it was not accepted amongst the general public as "the good cause", post Vietnam. I too understand what it is to see our rights tread upon, by our own law enforcement officers. It is a disdainful condition just knowing of their contemptible behavior.

For anyone who would like to see Shamar Thomas's interaction with the NYPD, here is the YouTube Video.

1 - The complete text of the Declaration of Independence is at this link Declaration of Independence.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Horizontal With Hope

Happy Birthday Mom!
I have to say that hear, because I have no way to contact her in real life :(

On to the Movement, #OWS, a subject worthy of writing in a blog. As any readers may know, (of which I feel I may be the only one currently reading) I have been following the Occupy Wall Street movement pretty much since its inception. In late September I found and started watching the livestream from Liberty Plaza, NYC, where I became enthralled. Watching the General Assembly (GA) allowed me an understanding that does exhibit democracy at its best among the people participating. It is small scale democracy, though it is powerful as used by the movement. They use a system that is horizontal rather than having traditional leaders. That means that all decisions that effect others and the movement is done through a method of consensus, rather than attempting to manipulate and gain the approval of a leader or having a leader dictate any course of action. This method allows all individuals to have a voice. This is something that is missing in our current (USA) form of government. I could copy correspondence between myself and all of my current federal representatives, demonstrating, a total disconnect. Their responses are generally non-germane to the subjects that I write them about. It is as though, what I write is not even read. It seems like they use computer programs that filter for key words, so they respond to the key words with their party line from that, rather than really even attempting to understand the communication's content. In other words, they don't care. Thus my last response to one U.S. Senator, I had to call him on it, and actually said he is disgraceful. This then is a problem.

I am therefore even more drawn to the Occupy Wall Street movement. My voice is not heard by my representatives, causing me to feel left out. I, as all humans, have an internal need to feel accepted and heard. The need to be heard promotes an understanding of, clear, conscious, communication between individuals as the result of communication. Thus because of these kinds of examples, the people seek out a way to have these needs met causing the movement to grow. As it gains support it is continually morphing into something bigger. I want to say it is getting better, though of this I am yet to be convinced. I hear calls for leaders, from outside sources, yet I agree that leaderless has its own virtue. It is different to do it this way, and as we all should know change is slow. Change is a process. The process has known and coined parts as it develops. I can't seem to bring to mind the three (I think it is three) names. One of them is acceptance. Our society is not yet ready to hear that leaderless is even a viable option. Individuals are always resistant to change because as creatures of habit, our habits become ineffectual. We resist going to the unfamiliar that peals back the habits, the things which we have grown to trust in life. We tend to trust the leaders of our systems, what ever the system is, be it club, political group, tribal community , or family head. Breaking out of that habit is new, hard etc. In the pattern of change, it is and shall be slow. In this time of wanting "instant gratification", I hope those in the movement don't loose their will to keep up the fight. The fight is going to be slow. Democracy is also slow and messy. The old habits of retreat back to everyday life, with the known and dependable have the potential to come back as dominant.

I have hope in this movement, mostly because I lost hope in the old way. The old way is now a non-inclusive system. It leaves the 99% of us citizens feeling used for our money, without fair representation, and living where equality is but a meaningless word, rather than a way of life. We all need hope, just as we have need to feel heard and understood. Thus I intend to continue my participation in this blog, as an exercise of maybe sharing hope and or bringing another person into a better understanding of what the Occupy movement is all about. I will continue watching the livestream also. I watch it with the hope of its morphing into something bigger and better than it now is. I want to see it become a full-time quality vent of expression that supports the movement and its meaning. I want it to catch on to help promote the truth of the movement to, and for the 99%.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Trusting Monday For Change

Saturday night it looked like a police state at Time Square. I find it appalling when I see the police abuse their so called power, which in effect circumvents the laws of the land. In a country where the rule of law is supposed to prevail, their acts against freedom of movement is pretty blatantly wrong. They block off the streets telling the protesters to "stay on the sidewalks" then they themselves occupy the entire street, preventing all movement of private and commercial traffic.
There is no rational in keeping the streets free of pedestrian traffic if vehicles are not allowed. These are public streets. Again I hope someone brings this fact to the appropriate people in the legal system, maybe the National Lawyers Guild can take some action as to the unconstitutional behavior in the police state.

I heard something this morning that can help us all to spread the word and express personal solidarity with the movement. Make your own window sign to put in the window of your house, that says "I'm in the 99%" or "We're in the 99%", something like that! Personally since a window sign in my home could only be seen by me, I will have to make an outside sign to install by the roadside. Another chance to be artistic, while expressing my own solidarity with the OccupyWallStreet movement.

I believe the events of Saturday and Sunday confirmed this to be a movement. This movement has a lot more growth needed. I mean growth in numbers, as the message is clear, at least to me.

On another front, Dr. Cornel West was arrested yesterday for refusing to leave the steps of the U.S. Supreme Court Building, in his stand of solidarity with the movement. Before he was arrested he spoke to the OccupyDC people. This talk can be seen on this YouTube Video. The man is outstanding, as a human working for the better good of all, through his teaching at Princeton University, in his speaking clearly to the people, in his writing of books, in his spirit!

175 arrested in Chicago over the weekend for participating in the Occupy Movement. This song is once again relevant Chicago, by Graham Nash Chicago again needs the support of the people in the cause of freedom, as does the rest of the world.

FYI The livestream team of #OWS is going to present an interview with Noam Chomsky supposedly about 5 PM EDT today.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day Two, It's A Global Revolution

Yesterday I spent the entire day watching the global activities of protest on my computer screen. From across the planet, humans joined in solidarity with the movement to create a better society for all. Most of the mainstream media continues to rebuke the cause because their sponsors are the reason for the unity. They are dictated to by the 1 %. These 1 percenters are expressing the same kind of fear-mongering that brought about the War on Terror, the dismantling of the Constitution with the Patriot Act and an establishment of the Department of Homeland Security. Although, barring the potential for instating martial law across the world, the cat has been taken out of the bag. We all know cats can't be herded and now with so many cats and kitties occupying public places these few (1 %) are going to find they can feel the majority. Now the New York Times, a sort of quasi independent voice has somewhat crossed over. Yesterday they published a rather good article about the movement, Article.

Last night I spent a bit of time reviewing to myself the events I saw in the day which I had not previously written about with the intent of writing about what I knew for me to be highlights. Now I have mixed feelings as to taking that avenue because it is all done now, in history, in as in the past. I would rather be alive in the moment as to reviewing yesterday. There is opportunity for professionals to write up the stories of yesterday. I also know that the media group of #OCW are compiling good data in video form that can do a much more accurate job of expressing the events that occurred, as they are on the front lines, with their video feeds, cameras and qualified history tellers.

I do continue my own solidarity with the movement, because "We Are The 99%", deserving of a fair opportunity in equal human rights. I am gaining a better understanding of why, police brutality and unjustified behavior, is taking its place highly emphasized among #OWS's everywhere. It is because a majority in the police are acting as mindless puppets, acting without personal consciousness while dealing with their equal counterpart in our human society.

Here is a link to all the

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Julian Assange, London UK

Julian Assange, speaks at London UK protest YouTube video from the Occupy London protest

Find your local Occupy movement's video: Occupations page
Live Long, Stand Strong,

The Day People Stood Together

I was up early after a much needed night of sleep. I was up at 9AM EDT 6AM my time, with an intent to catch up on what was happening in New York City for and within the #OWS movement. Much to my dismay, I was unable to find out through the livestream network with the name of Global Revolution, further compounded by an equal nothing live from NYC on the occupywallstnyc site. The former was showing live from Ireland, all fine and good though not what has become customary as Occupy Wall Street from Liberty Plaza. The latter had as it still does, re-runs of previous days. Thus I came to a point of again not being able to find real live information in real time.

Hours have passed and finally at least has started showing live fed stream (I think) from a march in NYC. I don't know where they are as I was interrupted by a very lengthy telephone conversation, and here is the phone ringing again! Sigh!

When looking for updates on the morning events in NYC, I found some facts pointing to other world wide protests. Also I found that Julian Assange (founder of Wikileaks) addressed a group somewhere in the UK. I was able to see a little clip of it, though not what I think is the actual presentation I would expect from him. He is in my opinion one of the world heroes of today, a living legend in his own time. I'd post what I found if I felt it worth doing so, thought he quality was so low as to not clearly convey a message.

I found a video from yesterday on the mainstream media, an interview with Michael Moore on MSNBC. It is typical of Michael, well informed and in alignment with the people, the 99%. We Are The 99%.

Currently the Global Revolution live stream is bouncing from various places. It was in NYC then now New Orleans, oops back to NYC. The occupywallstnyc is still showing re-runs, sigh!

It is my understanding that there shall be a convergence of marchers from various groups converging on Time Square at 5 PM Eastern Time. Hopefully all will remain peaceful as is the intent of the demonstration. From what I see the NYPD is congesting traffic, both foot and auto, more than all the protesters. Yea, the Occupied Wallstreet Journal is on sale.

It is my hope that people around the world as in the USA will continue the upraising. We need a global revolution. The people need equality, justice and autonomy. Find and follow the purpose of bringing about the change! Stay Strong, support Democratic principles, the Right to speak your mind freely, the right to protest, all by doing it. Take Money out of the pockets of the politicians.

Friday, October 14, 2011

One Before, The 15th

For the past year I continue hearing the phrase "on the right side of history". I have my own point of view which seems strong and justified. I think that no person or government, can say what side of history, any current event or position will eventually settle on, because history is told from a distance by the winning side. When I here statements that this movement is on the right side of history is simply based only in current opinion rather than fact. The same holds true of the US President, stating that the move to attack Libya put us on the right side of history. One can always hope their side, their decisions and their activities place them on the preferred path, though history itself is different. We can but choose a path which has kindness and understanding at its core. Personally I can not condone the use of violence and war as falling into the realm of the right side of anything, and certainly lacks qualification into what I consider justice.

Without a smooth transition, I'll switch topic to the Occupy movement. The #OWS movement passed through another trial of virtue this morning, early. It is apparent that many thousands showed up in the predawn hours to support the movement, allowing their continued occupation of Liberty Plaza. The corrupt, in their ivory towers are fearing the potential success in this movement. The big rally scheduled for tomorrow OCTOBER 15 has the establishment on edge. Their own security inside their fake world is at stake. I think that is why there was a stand over occupation of Liberty Plaza in the past days. The excuse of "Cleaning The Park" was shown to be the scam it actually was, well maybe. At least there was no confrontation by the Police brought about by Brookfield Properties and Mayor Bloomberg over that possession of space.

The issue in this moment (while writing this) is out on the streets in the business district. The throngs of occupiers left Liberty after the morning decision, and headed out to march somewhere in the business district(?) There are thousands of people marching down the streets. It seems there is some confrontation between NYPD and the public now. NYPD is trying to force the people to the sidewalk while they themselves are blocking the streets, standing in the very streets they are contending it illegal to stand in. Hmmm, I thought it was that we were all equal?

One major blessing inside the unity of the movement is the active representation by members of the National Lawyers Guild. This mornings reversal of New York City's intent to evict the protesters, through the "fake" reason of cleaning, had been determined as illegal. I believe this is a part of the puzzle which determines the real direction as the moments unfold. Although Liberty Plaza was donated by Brookfield Properties (supposedly owned by Zuccotti) whom has official ownership of title, the jurisdiction of the property was allocated to the City under its Parks Department. That fact is the reason that this company can not at will change the rules on the area known now as Liberty Plaza. There is a line of legality that must be adhered to by all, including the law enforcement organizations who have jurisdiction, where ever they may be. That line is being crossed over by law enforcement in many places and on many occasions, as it interacts with the Occupy movement throughout the USA.

The live stream is having issues this morning. I can see how it is a very difficult task for them to actually keep the stream going at this point. They are using the new technology of the age, yet it is an amateurish presentation, in that they seemingly lack the ability to display a good, consistent stream. They are doing their best, though they may have too many fish in the pan. I don't know from here, it looks as though they are disrupting the stream themselves in their makeshift control room, and or there are too many functional problems with the various digital units deployed out on the streets. Then too they are using Microsoft Windows too, at least some within the group are. I would consider that to be one of their main issues. Windoze is consistently, problematic, has been from its start and likely shall continue until its ultimate, eventual, demise. Of course I am one who likes free items created for the better good of mankind. That is why I now use Ubuntu's Linux system. It works so well, is safe and free. Freely made for the betterment of mankind. Still what ever the interruption in the stream is, and despite my unfulfilled desire to see more, I am very thankful and commend these folks and their efforts. Without them I would be far more ignorant than I am. The spread of information, freely and unedited has a great value. So to all of them, thank you.

To all others actively participating in the movement, Thank You! Stay Strong, Stay United, Expand Your Unity Inclusively!

The Morning Decision

I do imagine that by the time I get through this writing process, to posting this, the process the big threat from the authorities of New York City will likely be resolved one way or the other. The livestream is showing what appears to be many more than a thousand people in Liberty Plaza (Zuccotti Park) at 6:45 AM. I find that to be very impressive because the people are hanging in as one.

For the uninformed, the powers that be, are threatening the people who are using their rights to free speech. These powers have the desire to have the protest end, with the people leaving this location so close to the heart of corruption and greed. I guess the Major, Mr. Bloomberg went to deliver a message to protesters, (Mr. Bloomberg acting as the delivery boy for the park owners). This group of the powerful, has conspired to change the rules with their intent to remove these peaceful people. There is an article on this conflict in the New York Times on line right now, here

It seems the company has backed down from their plan as it appears that there are many thousands of people in Liberty Plaza this morning. The local unions came out in force I guess. I see it as a great moment. I have a smile.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The 1968 Olympics, Subversion Of Expression

This day has created a point of personal growth in my own life. Growing up, white, in a middle class family, supported by the military industrial complex, and living in a geographical setting, all contributing to an isolation of sorts, I now understand this background tainted my views about the struggles within the minority groups of society. I grew up in a location where real multicultural relations had little if any impact in what I saw during my everyday routine due to the near homogeneous setting. This allowed me to remain ignorant of the very real struggle of lesser advantaged people in other geographic places within our society. I am referring to the years of my youth. At the age of 13 the year was 1966. The only information I received was sourced in what we then believed to be "the news". That information was then somewhat shared in the small group of my piers at school, if one can call such discussion of youngsters also living in similar isolation actual thoughtful informed conversation. The news source, for me was strictly NBC, due to geological features preventing broadcast TV reception, though I experienced no television for most of my adolescent life, before the age of 13. At the age of 13 when watching the bias of mainstream news, the bias was unknown to me, as it was unknown to my parents, as it is still unknown by a majority of the public today. The latter of this statement, remains both real and a problem in society and to the ignorant believers in what is presented by the mainstream. Now I have found in recent times, the word ignorant holds a false but negative connotation which I have but recently come to understand. I have found its use to cause conflict and defensiveness in those who fail in understanding its meaning, probably because it has been used commonly as an expression which falsely describes a state of mental capacity, and is actually a misuse of the English language. Ignorance has nothing to do with one's intelligence. This is not actually the meaning of the word in its true form.* Though living with the bias of the media in those times, combined with the isolation experienced in my youth, I had no real concept of the suffering of others brought about by prejudice.

This morning watching a news piece with John Carlos on Democracy Now, I was stunned to realize the power of his expression on that day during the that Olympics Metals ceremony, during the Summer Olympics Games in Mexico City, 1968. The interview shown from that day, directly after the awards ceremony was stunning to me. The message he stated at that time seemed (in this moment) to be one of a person beyond his years. I found it hard to believe that a man of that age could hold such a profoundly large and clear message. In pondering that for but a few brief moments, I realized that, unlike myself, he and his counterpart Tommie Smith had struggled in their lives as African Americans living in the USA. Their own struggles were far beyond anything I have experienced in life. I had none of those struggles. I saw none of it personally. Having my own very narrow view and exposure, I had no need to actually consider the struggles of others in that way, at that age. The Media of the day reported it as inappropriate and a gesture, singularly representing Black Power. I personally fell into their trap like a hungry fish taking to the hook. I was ignorant, and I was subject to the racist notions within my surroundings and the times. This picture (from's website)
was shown by the media and stated to be a monument of disgraceful behavior, rather than telling the real story as expressed by John Carlos in an interview later that day. The mainstream corporate media, then as now, show the people what they, the media want them to know, rather than telling an unbiased truth, depicting what is actual and real in our world today.

Tommie Smith and John Carlos both sacrificed their futures in athletics, along with the benefits, there in. Due to their strongly symbolic acts on that day, expressing their view of inequality and injustice, harming no-one nor any actual physical thing, the prejudice reaction in the media took away their message, never allowing it to be heard or even defended. Their act was treated in a scourging manner with utter disdain. They are actually in my mind heroic. Heroes that I had not acknowledged as such, until today, all these years later. I saw John Carlos on the livestream from Liberty Plaza, in New York City I think on Monday this week. He told his story in brief that day, from what I saw of it. That brought my attention to focus briefly on his act though still I didn't understand. I had to cut through my own misunderstandings, my own beliefs and the dissonance within my own memory before I could bust through the image as and expression of Black Power, and my own prejudices, before I could actually understand. Now today I realize that the statement was not that which I learned it to be by the Media and through the biased opinions of my piers in the late 1960's. These biases are slow to dissolve when the personal onion is kept whole. As I peal back the layers of my own learning, to realize some of the falsehoods I have grown into, I can discard those needing removal, for the lack of credibility in some instances.

This is these same types of injustice, the same types of inequality, between all the people, and the economic power system running our planet, that has created the Occupy Wall Street movement that is uniting many peoples as human today. We the 99% want to see a recognition that the better good of all replaces the greed of the few.

Yesterday I saw a protester's sign. I thought the message impressive. I adapted its message to be more fitting to me, yet the essence remains true to the message.

Corruption fears us
While honest folks support us
The heroic people join us.
We are the 99% ____________

* -The following definition is used under the terms of the GNU General Public License

The Webster definition is:


Ignorant Ig"no*rant, a. [F., fr. L. ignorans, -antis, p. pr. of ignorare to be ignorant. See Ignore.]

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He that doth not know those things which are of use for him to know, is but an ignorant man, whatever he may know besides. --Tillotson. [1913 Webster]

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In such business
Action is eloquence, and the eyes of the ignorant More learned than the ears. --Shak. [1913 Webster]

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2: ignorant of the fundamentals of a given art or branch of knowledge; "ignorant of quantum mechanics"; "musically illiterate" [syn: illiterate]

3: lacking basic knowledge; "how can someone that age be so ignorant?"; "inexperienced and new to the real world" [syn: inexperienced]

4: used of things; lacking sense or awareness; "ignorant hope"; "fine innocent weather" [syn: innocent]

5: lacking knowledge or skill; "unversed in the jargon of the social scientist" [syn: unversed] [ant: versed]

6: lacking information or knowledge; "an unknowledgeable assistant" [syn: unknowledgeable, unknowing, unwitting]

Monday, October 10, 2011

Word Illusion

Long ago, Bob Dylan told us that "the times, they are a changin'". I think maybe it is come to be that the times are changing. The words of our language can be foolers, used by the tricksters of deceit or by those representing literally the reality expressed. The truth is, as stated in the heading of this blog, change is the constant, nothing remains forever. Then still as humans, we desire to remain constant or consistent. We do cling to an understanding that things shall remain constant, in the very least within our own private spaces, our own private lives, but this in fact, is merely an illusion. It could be that the statement, of Dylan's, times changing, is actually no big deal, yet we in that moment of the early 1960's, as well as in the now, wanted the change embodied so strongly that we believed this big change has to come, and thus the words expressing the need, are captured, in an iconic form within his words. Those words carry the same kind of illusion as the one we maintain in our personal lives.

Another example of an iconic illusion is held and used in the flag pin worn by politicians. The flag pin actually means nothing, it is more like a club that plays follow the leader, attempting to promote an illusion of patriotism by those who wear it, though in reality, lacking any true honesty or significance as evidenced by their passing of the patriot act. The patriot act has the name "Patriot" as a false symbol, suggesting that it is about the values held or otherwise represented within and by America and her people. Yet the actual truth is otherwise. The Patriot Act, turns away from the constitution as it was originally meant to be, weakening it, and likely in itself, unconstitutional. The rights as lain out in the bill of rights, has been weakened, or otherwise subverted. I notice that there is always a flag pin on the lapel of politicians and an actual flag behind the President in any media presentation, speech, as though we need a reminder that he is representing the US Government. Can we really forget? This is another illusion though not of words but of image. It is like having a US flag in ones presence expresses patriotism or something that should be held with esteem, or somehow sacred. Yet I could sleep with a flag used as a blanket for holding my personal heat, keeping me warm through the night. Such an act would be equal in its effectiveness to bring about change or stand for anything of significance. A flag is simply an icon, a chunk of cloth not much different than the cloth we make our clothing, our sheets and blankets of. It is an image and an icon, no greater than the one which holds space in this web browser representing this blog. It is we humans who come to hold such things as valuable. Yet my dog sees none of it as meaningful. It can't be eaten to sustain life, though it could be used as a play toy to chew on, or as a blanket. I think Pal is correct.

These are a couple of examples of how humanity can be led to believe an illusion. Granted, some illusions hold stronger significance in the human psyche than others. After all I am actually talking to and of humanity rather than my pet. The actual icons provide greater recognition to most, than the words of an artist, in a song or written within a text. Take the Statue of Liberty for instance. It holds a representation of freedom or America, like no other symbol that I am aware of. Yet an illusion through the use of symbols, or icons such as flag-pins, to those captured by them, are in fact bits of poorly analyzed thought, trickery or even outright falsehood.

I am wondering what kind of symbols or icons are arising from the Occupy Wall Street movement (#OWS). Having somewhat spoken to the illusions that can come from icons and symbols, I can only hope that if an iconic representation does develop that it will hold a lasting and consistent meaning, easily and equally understood by all who see it. The movement is about justice and equality for all, something that I hold with esteem. This cause is worthy of an iconic symbol, lasting for its due course in time, similar to the peace sign that came from the '60s. Similarly, there have been some people showing up in solidarity with the movement who have become somewhat iconic in their own right as people with known causes. Over this past weekend I saw 3 of them. Bill McKibben, co-founder of and possibly more importantly Slavoj Zizek, a well spoken philosopher, talking with the people at Zuccotti Park (Liberty Plaza)*. Someplace on the net, I also saw Ralph Nader speaking to a crowd in Washington DC about the movement, showing support to their cause (though in this moment I can't remember where I saw Ralph). There is unity between the diverse causes of these individuals and the Occupy _ cause, where ever it is. Still mainstream media is portraying the movement as a fringe collection of yippy dippy, unorganized, clueless, individuals, having no leader. The media's continued desire to thwart any acknowledgment that there could be validity in a cause, "of, by, and for, the people", that doesn't fit within their own corporate scheme, is likely to cause them great financial harm in the long term. Thus the group of occupiers have developed and are building on their own media outlet, making sure the story does get out, though in real time rather than according to a false schedule.

Just this morning I heard one individual within the "media" sub-group, expressing how they are going to better implement coverage in the coming days. The message will get out to the populous in spite of a lack of understanding or will to cover the movement by mainstream media. In the end the changes to the world could be very broad and effective to the betterment of its entire population, inclusive of the 99%

*I have finally come to the understanding that Zuccotti Park and Liberty Plaza are the same location.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Saturday Has Questions And Answers

In paying attention to the Occupy movement I continue to attempt watching the livestream . To my disappointment, yesterday and last night seemed to lack a good stream coming out of NYC, thus I was not really able to follow what was going on. Today thus far is quite the same as yesterday. The video feed keeps switching from one scene to another then cutting out way too much to allow for the need of continuity, thus the message is lost to the world. There is a better way to present a continuous flow of information, even if is is simply something like what I am doing here, simply reporting on what I observe. The livestream is the best way to do it though it requires a consistent feed. I believe what the self proclaimed "video ninjas", need to find, is a "video guru" with the expertise to bring the feed to a consistent state with a form of continuity that can express the movement, holding the focus.

I realize it is very easy for me to criticize from where I sit in my own ignorance far away from the front lines and lacking the technical skill that it takes to make those things happen. I don't mean to sound offensive if in fact I do. I simply want to have a good source of information so I am able to stay informed from afar.

I guess the other thing I don't like is seeing the violence from the police being repeated again and again. I realize that there is a story in the observation of Police Brutality, yet, it doesn't support the issue of "we are the 99%". That is the big picture of the cause. It describes the bad apples of society, though it is only a fragment of the real story, people, we are the 99%, joining together in a just cause!

Hopefully I will find a means to stay apprised of the protest across the country as well as in the Wall Street area, accurately and with expedience.


The live stream is working better today! Yea!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

No Form, No Mat

The trick on words, no form, and no mat, equals no format, in other words I am entering this writeup without a planned thing to present. I have an idea of what it will eventually and hopefully present, though that is all.

Last night I watched the livestream from the OccupyWallStreet encampment in what I now seem to believe has a different name than what I previously understood the name to be. Zuccoti Park maybe also be known as Liberty Plaza, though of this I am truly uncertain. I have been looking at google maps with the hope of finding that actual location of the encampment, but alas I remain unsure. The images I see from the live stream don't seem to correlate with what I see on google maps when searching for liberty plaza. I am probably missing something, somewhere in my ignorance.

I did want to report on what I saw last night on the live stream. Now to make a point clear, I don't much care for hip hop as a genre for listening, not only that, but I have declared for my own preference that I don't like rap at all. That being said, I watched and carefully listened to Tailib Kweli's performance last night (on the live stream) and was totally enthralled by his skill at word play as well as the message he presented. His piece that he called "Distractions" I thought to be excellent. It is kind of strange how my thought in regards to that art form and my reaction to what I heard are in such contradiction. I have attempted to find a video of that piece out on the internet today. I found some of it though not the entire piece which is to me a disappointment. Now hopefully someone will post that piece in its entirety soon so I can further analyze his lyric. I am now left with that dissonance in myself about that form of art. It could simply be that I was caught up in the moment though I truly believe it was more than that. What I did find posted on line is.... Well blow me down, a new fresh search has presented the video!!! so here it is: YouTube video YES. So I will listen to it again after I am finished here. The clip is apparently what I recall seeing last night and the durration for time shown seems fitting to my memory.

Now I am no longer disappointed as stated above. I can say that the No Form, No Mat is appropriate to the result of what I have written. It seems to me but rambling along, without a format.

I do hope the movement continues its current snowballing effect. I noticed on the occupy together site this morning that there are currently over 900 groups in different Cities across the nation active in the demonstration at this time. To me, the growth is both refreshing and produces an internal happiness within. I strongly hope that it is the beginning of real change in the country and the world at large. We The People deserve more than we are able to connect to now.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Knowing We Are Right!

From my home in Idaho where the rain falls today I sit and contemplate the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Together movement. It is a quiet time here the early autumn, rain falling, the gold and orange showing in the leaves outside my window, and I am quiet in my physical suffering, though today is a bit better than the past 3 days. Even listening to Aaron Copland's "Fanfare for the Common Man" as pleasing to my ear as it is, proved itself too much stimulation, for my ability to concentrate on this writing, thus I have the silence, with the rain outside, and I find myself remaining in alignment with the growing movement in New York City and elsewhere. I have no real way to participate other than writing and staying informed through the Internet. I am thinking on poems that are aligned after hearing some astounding meter in the news this morning.

It is disturbing to know that the corporate media refuses to touch the movement with a fair and open commentary. Instead they seem determined to skirt the reality that is in the streets of the nation, playing the movement down as a bunch of uninformed people, easily swayed by the whims of their piers. The reality actually is that these participants are far from the picture painted by main stream media. The group is comprised of a very diverse segment of society having a broad, informed understanding of both knowledge about and the integrity in, their right, their rights, and the justness in this cause.

I was astounded to hear one comment from a demonstrator of yesterday stating something like this, "I will believe that Corporations are people with the rights of people, when Texas executes one of them!" It is this sort of awareness in the state of our Nation which is at the core of the movement. It is not on the fringes but rather in the middle of reasoning which has caused people to come out. We are fed up with the way the system works.

Personally I believe, and what I believe to be a majority of the public believe, find that trying to be heard through the traditional means as set up in the Constitution, having representative government, is not working any more. I write to my representatives in both houses of the Congress to find that I am simply rebuked. The replies to those letters, that I do receive, are not even germane to what I wrote, as though they didn't even read them. How can a representative form of government work in such a case? Thus, we are unable to bring about what we the people know is needed through the constitutionally designed means. There is nothing more that can be done within the traditional system. We the people know that our representative form of government is now the bought and paid for form of government and we will no longer stand for it! The streets are the only way to be heard and to the streets people go. Were I able, I would be there also, though I am not, so I write with the hope of bringing just one spark to one person who can go out to the streets and stand there for me.

I think this is all from me today,

Stay strong out there, we know, we are, RIGHT!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

A Day Watching

Personally it is not a good day for me, just one of those days . As I sit here today writing this, I am multi-tasking, writing this while watching and or listening to the Global Revolution broadcast at Occupy Wall Street broadcasting from Liberty Plaza, New York, New York. It is definitely a unique moment in history. I am of a want to see a personal fulfillment of the hope I hold within myself, as to democracy, real democracy, as was written in the U.S. Constitution by those uniquely thoughtful people during the last half of the 18th century.

What I see now that Michael Moore is on scene in the moment speaking on the livestream broadcast. Michael Moore has changed my personal evaluation of his works over the past year to being more positive than previously. Probably a misinterpretation on my own part, because I strongly object to the conflict style of antagonistic interviews I have seen in some of his previous works.

Though I wish to avoid being stuck in and on such a topic. The real thing is the Occupy Wall Street movement. That and the banjo picker/ singer they are showing in this moment, live in Liberty Plaza. I see a vary diverse group of people gathered together on display for all to see, were they to participate actively or vicariously as I do. The truth is not all people are able to show up.

I feel as though I am merely rambling on today, saying little if anything, as I have no agenda or wish to express any specific thing. As I opened with, it is not a good day for me. My pain levels are high today, so I am staying low profile with a hope that it will pass along with (but before) the big change comes to our system of government. I enjoy the diversity of opinion and more particularly the unique expression of individuals, like the guy now, calling this a revolution of consciousness.

I am smiling at least! So I will sign off and continue watching, listening, reenforcing my own hope.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Growing in awareness

Looking and gaining information in this modern era of too much information is sometimes a challenge.  Selecting the information that provides the truth is hard.   I have a quote written down on my white board by the computer as a reminder, "Rather than love, money, faith and fairness, give me truth".  Though I don't remember the source of that statement, silly me for not including the citation when I wrote it down.  The statement holds in me as significant and a guide when I gain information.  Yet to discern the subtle differences between truth and misinformation in this cyber universe presents problems to the non-wary.

I refuse to watch television as a method of gaining information any more as there is little actual non-bias information available within the broadcast media available to me.  I won't pay to watch commercials, I mean what are commercials for anyhow.  The premise of commercial advertisement was devised to cover the cost of programming, so now there are these middle-man-companies, known as providers asking exorbitant amounts of money to gain the privilege to watch commercials.  I won't go for that!  And here where I live, broadcast television is limited to one ABC channel and two PBS channels.  Even PBS is now pumping out commercials so I have quit watching TV for the most part.  Now Saturday evening for the first time since, maybe June, I did suffer through commercial television in order to watch a college football game.  The commercials are now easy for me to mentally block out as I know the propaganda agenda used to create them.

I gain information about the world through the Internet for the most part.  Democracy Now I have found as a good stepping stone in gaining information of importance. From there I have found other information sites I've come to rely on where the details can be discovered. I use sites from many global sources, sometimes using the translator program provided by Google. No Fox Snooze here, though from time to time I see a video clip here or there, which is generally used as an exhibit of their miss-information.

I found the site Occupy Wall yesterday, to my pleasure. It seems they are far more organized than I imagined. Can you imagine, a long term demonstration with a written agenda for each day! I was impressed. They even have a live stream from the Occupy Wall Street encampment. It is tremendous. It is powerful. It brings me hope that the crony nation government of corruption may be turned into a government of, for, and by, the people as it was meant to be at its inception.

Chores are calling me. Time runs short as the rains are due to start tonight. It is good, though I am not ready.

Rain drops fall to water flowers,
Tear drops fall in waking hours,
Earth and sky are calling me,
Hours fly, tiz time to see,
Hearts are broken from all the greed,
On the streets some beg and plead,
While others call for justice,
The Cops just want to bust us.
They too should find they're with the many,
Their pension plan, dollar to penny,
Stand up today.
Stand in your right.
It is a task for justice' fight,
It can't done as a couch potato,
So out the door, with words like Plato.
Keep up and join the peaceful fight. We have to win because it's right!

I think the poem above is rather corny, but it is like practice for things to come, so I do it and do it, that practice thing.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Someplace To Start

The start of something different is at hand.  I may find this medium a more suitable way to be expressive at times.  The Web-pages from my domains often become cumbersome due to my intent or want of specific focus.  So I can now listen to "World In Changes", the song by one Dave Mason, a fine musical artist, remembering that the song inspired the title for this blog. Well that and the world is in change, something I remain very aware of as I pay attention, on the sidelines of the active set, out on the streets today, calling for and somewhat demanding for change.
I include myself as
"ONE OF THE 99%"

There is more that can be said,
There is more that can be done,
Life is more than having fun,
Sitting in the sun or going for a run. 

Put down the gun and open your eye,
Time shall still fly, not knowing why,
Joining together, when we all try,
We will tell them, we are why, they have what they do.
We will tell them, we are all tired, sick and tired of what they do.
To take from us, to keep they do,
We are through, letting them do,
Do what they do.

I consider what I can do from here far from any metropolis, where the birds are free to sing and eat the gifts of nature,  Maybe it is just for me to write, to become more aware, by paying attention, then writing more.  Savethehomeland not the game, but one of the above domains mentioned, has links to the vital documents that formed the United States of America.  If you have forgotten about democracy and what it means, it means to participate or loose it.  So let's take back what is rightfully ours.