Monday, September 16, 2013

Liberty Plaza, in Memorial

I am remembering the days in Liberty Plaza from here nearing on two years later.  It was a good trip but it was over all too soon.  Government doesn't want Occupy Wall Street to be now, as much as it didn't want these truths known and or talked of, in public, on the airwaves where the general public might learn something, then.  Thus the movement has faded from view.  My memory holds the truths of the days as a fond bit of understanding.  I can remember as can those who followed as closely as did I. 

I remember very well my own days, glued to my computer screen, watching the live streams that originated from the Media Tent, with the might of camera, Lorenzo, and Dwayne.  Pardon me if I spelled the names incorrectly.  There was another few broadcasters that visited as my computer screen from the Media Tent, although I can't recall their names from here, the distance of time.  Then there is the distance of it all being in the abstraction of coming from this computer thing.  What a blessing, to live in these times where things are or at least they were, possible.  Now, today, I am unsure that the kind of movement could again erupt due to government having such close taps on our information.  Yet now we better know why the failure happened.  The plans were all subverted by the infiltrators of government, spies in the midst of the good fight.

But to those who gave their all for the good cause, those mentioned above as well as all the thousands of others who were a part of the movement, I want to thank you now, before moving on to another phase.  It was a good and exciting time, one of growth.  We brought on some very small changes.  Now the world knows who the 99% are in the least.  My hat is off to you all.