Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy LA, Raided

The big night-time raid on OccupyLA is still in the works. I have been watching the livestream for quite some time now, since I was unable to sleep. The occupiers were up in the trees, so the authorities brought out the cherry picker to somewhat safely retrieve people from the trees, before arresting them. The mayor of LA is about to speak on the livestream. It is quite a scene in LA this morning. The Mayor is commending the Police Force as professionals doing their job to what is obviously with his approval. I always wonder what the imperative is causing this reaction to Occupy, over time. Peaceful demonstrators intend to express their thoughts, as is guaranteed supposedly by the Bill of Rights. Well the statements were spoken, it was brief. I guess that is the conclusion of the Raid on OccupyLA. And maybe not, as there are still protesters in the trees. Now the LAPD is bringing in the barricades to seal off the area for future, which will exclude people from the area. Kind of weird.

OccupyOakland, did take back and occupy Oscar Grant Plaza, at the corner of 14th and Broadway on the 29th. They erected a teepee, to be a symbol for the native culture that once lived. I personally can not understand the symbolism, though I don't need to.

Monday, November 28, 2011

West Coast Port Shutdown - December 12, 2011

The Next big, really really BIG, day of action for the Occupy Movement is planned for December 12. The plan is to shut down the entire west coast sea-ports to all shipping. Much in the same way that Occupy Oakland shut down the Port of Oakland on November 2, this day's action is organized to shut down the entire west coast in a like way, PEACEFULLY. The entire plan is sketched out in the following link here expressing the need and the cooperation between the Occupy movement and the various local and national labor unions representing the 99%.

Meanwhile, across the continent, Occupy Wall Street has filed a legal suit against the City of New York to be reimbursed for the books destroyed by the NYPD action that removed the people from Liberty Square in the early hours of November 15. The times are exciting.

Follow all the action around the globe by watching the Occupy Livestreams at

Two other hot spots are Occupy Philadelphia and Occupy LA, both of whom are being contended upon by their local police to leave their respective occupy sites.

Tomorrow, November 29, Occupy Oakland is again going to re-take the Oscar Grant Plaza, establishing yet another Occupy at that location. See their statement on their website.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Still Recovering

I am still fighting the virus, and lack the energy to stay strongly informed about what is going on with Occupy Wall Street. Hopefully I will regain my strength and ability to strive in keeping up. Today I did find a very good article in The on line edition. This article, written by William Greider will appear in December 12th issue of "The Nation Magazine." I find the article to be worth the read, found here. I also found a video from November 12, held at "The New School in New York City," and sponsored by "The Nation Magazine. Included in the panel are: film maker Michael Moore; Occupy Wall Street organizer Patrick Bruner; member of the Applied Research Center and publisher, Rinku Sen; journalist, William Greider; and Author Activist, Naomi Klein. This conference was called "Occupy Everywhere: On the New Politics and Possibilities of the Movement Against Corporate Power." It is worth the time to see, or I considered that to be the case personally. The entire panel discussion is found here.

I believe the movement might be taking a short and well deserved recess. There are events planned, and so I believe the movement will again be gaining both strength and participation in the days to come.

99 %

Shall again ring out through the streets of the nation, because it is true!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Buy Nothing Days

Now for the 20th Annual Event, please participate!

The image is a link to more information.

I remain feeling pretty wimpy from the virus that attacked my body. Turkey day alone.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Return from illness

The old-school militaristic tactics of violence, used by "authoritarian powers" that be, are lending assistance to the Occupy movement. The idea can not be removed from the psychology and their repression can only further bring more of the awakened to show up

Mayor Jean Quan of Oakland CA. admitted in the BBC to participation in a conference call with the leaders of 18 other cities having similar movements with in their bounds. They are joining to talk up tactics to use that may squash the movement, removing what they see as harmful segments of society from the streets. This is conspiracy in a form to circumvent the constitutional rights of the citizens whom possess the audacity to speak out against inequality, corruption, and injustice.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Monday, November 7, 2011

Watching the Visual Friction

I've been out of it for several days, unable to participate in any contact with the Occupy movement. Tonight I checked in (viewing livestream occupynyc). Sadly I see there seems to be a serious divide being spoken of. I also heard talk of things so far outside what I would call near possible that it causes me to question the core of the movement as to, the big if of the staying power within the movement. Then still I had but a brief exposure tonight before the stream I was catching stopped. This leaves me in question, questioning my own understanding as well as my own hope. Time will tell the story, as I continue my wishful hope for a future of change. More later

Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Patriot's Dream

It came to my attention through reading an article by Bill Moyers entitled "Our Politicians Are Money Launderers in the Trafficking of Power and Policy" on the website "". I find Bill Moyers to be one of the most genuinely honest and compelling speakers of our day. His background has brought him to a profound understanding of American societies shaping which we all live today. He clearly understands why the occupy movement has sprung forth and shows an ability to articulate these reasons.

I too have a nearly innate understanding of the reasons for the movement, though my own definition is stated in the single word, "equality". It is the very lack of equality between the classes that has brought this diverse group of citizens out to the streets, for they themselves lack the same living opportunities that we are all taught in our schools and stated as being "attainable by all," through hard work. It has become clear that these supposed opportunities are in truth beyond the grasp of today's common human being living in the United States and beyond.

Bill Moyers closes out his speech by quoting an old song written by Arlo Guthrie. This song can be heard in this YouTube video, though the graphics of this video are very unpleasing to see, the audience can close their eyes and simply listen to the word as expressed by the original artist, YouTube

Patriot's Dream
words and music by Arlo Guthrie
Living now here but for fortune
Placed by fate's mysterious schemes
Who'd believe that we're the ones asked
To try to rekindle the patriot's dreams

Arise sweet destiny, time runs short
All of your patience has heard their retort
Hear us now for alone we can't seem
To try to rekindle the patriot's dreams

Can you hear the words being whispered
All along the American stream
Tyrants freed the just are imprisoned
Try to rekindle the patriot's dreams

Ah but perhaps too much is being asked of too few
You and your children with nothing to do
Hear us now for alone we can't seem
To try to rekindle the patriot's dreams
© 1976 by Arloco Music Inc (ASCAP)

I urge any readers truly interested "in the cause" to read the entire document presented by Bill Moyers in the Truth-out article rather than watching the speech as presented in the page's content. The text version provides some of the background supporting evidence that the actual given speech bypassed. I wish to thank Bill Moyers for his body of work and his dedication to the cause of the real American Dream because I believe, he is also one, living to rekindle the patriot's dream.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Mic Check --> Mic Check

I am watching the livestream this evening direct from the Port of Oakland as I write this. If I can prevent editing this out, you shall see these words, my nonsense scribblings!
There are some beautiful images coming through of smiling faces and road art (chalk on pavement). In the moment there are wonderful interviews of but a few of the individuals participating in the large protest that effectively shut down the Port of Oakland. I personally remain unsure of what will eventually become of the current event as I watch its growth. The people are settling in, seated on the pavement as though they have full intention of staying at and occupying the Port, keeping it closed.

The people of Oakland are incredible in the way they came together today. They remain in peace, making a statement that the numbers within the 99% are 99% greater than those of the 1%. That the 99% can actually stand in solidarity to bring change by their ability to halt the productivity that generates the cash-flow of the greedy.

Slogan of the day, "What kind of pie. Occupy!"

The Day of Shutdown, Oakland

I have had nothing to say of the movement lately. I continue finding it very interesting. Oakland California's Occupy Oakland is on course to make a potential statement that will be noticed by the real world today, November 2. For those who may still be uninformed about what is happening in Oakland, there is a half hour plus in length presentation/press conference I believe from Monday, that explains the plan as developed by the Oakland General Assembly

I can only express my own solidarity with the citizens who demonstrate their disapproval in and with the system. Stay strong and remember to keep it peaceful!