Monday, November 28, 2011

West Coast Port Shutdown - December 12, 2011

The Next big, really really BIG, day of action for the Occupy Movement is planned for December 12. The plan is to shut down the entire west coast sea-ports to all shipping. Much in the same way that Occupy Oakland shut down the Port of Oakland on November 2, this day's action is organized to shut down the entire west coast in a like way, PEACEFULLY. The entire plan is sketched out in the following link here expressing the need and the cooperation between the Occupy movement and the various local and national labor unions representing the 99%.

Meanwhile, across the continent, Occupy Wall Street has filed a legal suit against the City of New York to be reimbursed for the books destroyed by the NYPD action that removed the people from Liberty Square in the early hours of November 15. The times are exciting.

Follow all the action around the globe by watching the Occupy Livestreams at

Two other hot spots are Occupy Philadelphia and Occupy LA, both of whom are being contended upon by their local police to leave their respective occupy sites.

Tomorrow, November 29, Occupy Oakland is again going to re-take the Oscar Grant Plaza, establishing yet another Occupy at that location. See their statement on their website.

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