Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Occupy LA, Raided

The big night-time raid on OccupyLA is still in the works. I have been watching the livestream for quite some time now, since I was unable to sleep. The occupiers were up in the trees, so the authorities brought out the cherry picker to somewhat safely retrieve people from the trees, before arresting them. The mayor of LA is about to speak on the livestream. It is quite a scene in LA this morning. The Mayor is commending the Police Force as professionals doing their job to what is obviously with his approval. I always wonder what the imperative is causing this reaction to Occupy, over time. Peaceful demonstrators intend to express their thoughts, as is guaranteed supposedly by the Bill of Rights. Well the statements were spoken, it was brief. I guess that is the conclusion of the Raid on OccupyLA. And maybe not, as there are still protesters in the trees. Now the LAPD is bringing in the barricades to seal off the area for future, which will exclude people from the area. Kind of weird.

OccupyOakland, did take back and occupy Oscar Grant Plaza, at the corner of 14th and Broadway on the 29th. They erected a teepee, to be a symbol for the native culture that once lived. I personally can not understand the symbolism, though I don't need to.

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