Sunday, December 4, 2011

The DC Thing, Occupy

For hours now I have been watching the #OccupyDC live stream for near 3 hours now. It is another typical response by the law enforcement community, here after referred to as "peanut heads". The barricades went up and on it goes.

The conflict started because #OccupyDC movement took the stance of creating a symbolic and functional gesture centered around housing. They have constructed a pre-fabricated small building in the park ( in a matter of just a few hours, during the night time hours of last night). The structure represents the homeless and the foreclosed upon.

The demonstrators are reading the 1st amendment to the Constitution, meanwhile the peanut heads are bring in a Armored Personnel Carrier. The chant is great, "We are stronger than your armored vehicle..." This is quite a scene. There are 6 protesters sitting on the trusses of the roof structure, refusing to come down. The peanut heads are attempting to remove the protesters from the roof. They have a giant inflatable bubble to use as a potential safety device so they can likely knock down the people from the roof, or otherwise bring them down. Who knows what peanut heads may think. The Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) is a HUMMER. Now the peanut heads are standing on the APC, probably to employ pepper spray. Pepper spray is a chemical agent illegal in warfare as stated in the Geneva Conventions and signed by the USA, but the peanut heads believe it is okay to use it on civilians in our current police state. Watching this unfold on livestream

To be continued. ************************************4:02 PM Pacific Standard Time USA

I guess two of the protesters have come down from the roof to be arrested. This whole scene is very disturbing to my soul. It is somewhat of a stand-off still, though the peanut heads are still proceeding with their attempt to remove the protesters from the structure. It is quite a scene. Now, 4:09 PM, the peanut heads are employing a cherry picker to extract the protesters. ************************************4:13

The peanut heads have put a person in the cherry picker. I guess they will now try to extract the protetesters. In the background, the crowd is doing their "People's Mic" though I can't understand the words spoken. This is seemingly a comical scene. One protester successfully removed. Off to jail he goes. Occupy the bucket, the commentator said. And now there are 3.


And it continues. The cherry picker is up, to apprehend another protester. The protester is waving a US flag at the bucket. These last three are holding out. The cherry picker has been retracted. Tactic next will be employed. Two peanut heads in the cherry picker bucket, getting ready to go up again.


I am awaiting phase next. The crowd is chanting. The peanut heads are making some kind of move. or not. The cherry picker is in action, moving toward the protesters on the roof frame. And now there are 2.


And then there was one. Peanut heads are going to sent the bucket back up for the last guy, The crowd chants "David, David, David." I lost my signal :( Signal is back. Still no movement on the roof, David remains. I am cooking dinner, eek.

It is over, Phase I removing the persons from the Structure, 5:32 PM. Sad but true, David -vs- Goliath, David lost.

It has been an interesting yet predictable event. The peanut heads are certain to get their way, still, for a while yet at least. I am now wondering what will happen in Phase II the removal of the structure. I do hope they don't destroy it and make the raw materials go to the refuse heep. I watch the logging trucks haul our forests to the mill nearly every day, and it is simply sad to think of the waste, yet again.

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