Thursday, December 8, 2011

December 7, a Proposal

December 7, a day which will live in infamy" President Franklin Roosevelt said of 1941. He was right as today, 70 years later the day was marked in recognition.

Yesterday, in my own thinking of December 7, I came upon a thought that I retain as something that could be helpful for the Occupy Movement. I can state it as the beginning of a proposal, or possibly a complete proposal, that could help bring people to the movement and hold those now committed. There are many days in the calendar year of importance to the people. Different countries have unique days known as special to their societies. Were us Occupies, to adopt these days as our own, in some special unique way, we could benefit from it. These days can reflect both the tradition, and how that tradition fits with the movement in today's form, ie. December 7, the day that brought the USA into WWII, was also the day that the military industrial complex was born. The day could be used to identify how all those people sacrificed, and how we now have the need to shift away from empire and war. This melds with the Occupy movement quite closely and can be used as a rallying cry. Though it is too late to use this example this year, it does potentially provide an illustration of similar days. Christmas is coming, a day of waste and excess for so many. It is also a day of giving which is supposed to represent personal sacrifice. (I admit I have a negative view of Christmas) There are numerous angles that can be used to help promote Occupy, on these days through out the year. Martin Luther King Jr's. Birthday, a day to bring continued awareness of the racial inequality experienced by minority groups around the world. The list goes on.

It is an idea in the least. I present it to the world.

Now today is the anniversary of the death of John Lennon. "Imagine," "give(ing) peace a chance," and "power to the people."

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