Friday, December 23, 2011

Economics and Capitalism at Work

I have to admit a decline in my own willingness to continually stay informed as to what goes on with #OWS, and Occupy in general over the past weeks. I do still regularly view livestream generally from though not exclusive to where I also at times engage in the chatroom and attempt to observe the #OWS GA. I find the GA as a process is the only actual democracy in the US. There are undoubtedly many more real democratic processes going on other than the GA of Occupy in other locations, I simply don't know of it. Now that our federal state and local governments have for the most part become a part of the best democracy that money can buy, it no longer functions to serve the people. Thus we the people are left to pick up the crumbs and scraps that are left over.

Even the live streams I see from time to time are reruns showing a lot of violence brought on to the little people by the police who's real function is to protect the people from the possible brutality of others. The police have become the brutality they are paid to prevent in many instances. That observation is hard to digest emotionally. Thus when the livestream continually displays the reruns of this brutality, it turns me off, having seen so much of it on its original run through. I understand the the message has just cause to reveal this information about police brutality and the injustice they inflict, though I am rather unwilling to see this stuff again and again. Just as I am growing weary of hearing slogans like, "who's streets, our streets," "We are the 99 percent, you are the 99 percent," as well as so many other like pieces, redundant. With this being a fact, I watch less, and seemingly slip away from the movement to some degree.

I do however maintain my desire to learn, where as I search out information. Then sometimes information is handed to me through an association with another person. The word of mouth spread of information is what has led me to many personal discoveries really. This one which I intend to share here came that way, in talking to another person. I found the information shared by this person to be very pointed. I also believe that his analysis of current situations of social distress is accurately inclusive of the root to the national problems that have brought the Occupy movement into being. So take a look at this YouTube video and come to your own conclusions.

As I do here in this blog, I near strictly attempt to present information that may lead toward a greater awareness and understanding of the Occupy Wall Street Movement or more accurately, the Occupy movement from where ever it may be, north south east and west. So if you choose, watch, listen and learn.

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